Welcome to F&F Firewood

We deliver clean, seasoned firewood to your home or restaurant in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

Our quality firewood is logged in Wisconsin, seasoned, cut and split ready to burn. Each order is pre-stacked and loaded onto our trucks for quick delivery to your home or restaurant. Our stacks are a true face cords 4ft high by 8ft long stacked straight, not a cross stacked. You’ll never buy air from F&F Firewood just firewood.

Quality Firewood Pricing

We sell firewood by the Face Cord of wood which means the stack is 4ft tall x 8ft long. Payment is required upon delivery (Cash or good check). Prices are subject to change without notice.


Premium Hardwood Mix

Air Dried $199 (per face cord)

Kiln Dried $199 (per face cord)

F&F Firewood uses a blend of hardwoods including oak, cherry, hickory and walnut in our premium hardwood mix or select from 100% oak, cherry, hickory, or birch.

100% Oak

Air Dried $219 (per face cord)

Kiln Dried $219 (per face cord)

100% Hickory

Air Dried $229 (per face cord)

Kiln Dried $229 (per face cord)

100% Cherry

Air Dried SOLD OUT

Kiln Dried $229

100% Birch

Air Dried $249 (per face cord)

Kiln Dried $249 (per face cord)

Firewood for Restaurants

F&F Firewood delivers quality, clean firewood to restaurants for use in wood ovens, grills, and smokers so you can produce a great tasting high quality meal to your customers.

Firewood for Home

When you need easy lighting and great burning firewood for your fire pit, wood burning heater, or indoor and outdoor fireplaces look no further than F&F Firewood.


Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln drying is the process of removing water and moister from firewood. Kiln dried firewood has a moisture content of 6-8% versus air dried for 2 years is 15-20% moisture.  We load split firewood into large metal baskets which are then loaded into our kiln oven. Here they are dried at over 255 degrees for 30 hours. Any bugs and larva are destroyed by the kiln process creating a clean firewood that is easier to light and burns hotter.

Our Kiln dried firewood:

  • Startup – Kiln wood is very easy to light.
  • Bugs – Kiln drying kills them.
  • Burn – Kiln dried firewood burns up to 30-40% hotter than air dried
  • Cost – Price difference is minimal and as you will use less wood to heat, providing you a savings in time, energy and money.

Certified by the Wisconsin Department
of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
Agriculture Resource
Management Division
Plant Industry Bureau

What Happens after I submit an order?

After you submit an online order request, we will call you to confirm your order and set a delivery date. We will also ask you where you would like the firewood placed.

When Do I Pay?

Payment is required upon delivery (Cash or good check). Prices are subject to change without notice.

How Much Firewood Do I Get?

F&F Firewood sells firewood by the face cord (f/c), not by number of pieces (3 face cords = 1 full cord). A true face cord of firewood is 4ft high by 8ft long. We stack our cords tight, in a straight stack. Others cross stack their pieces creating gaps of air giving you less firewood.