Restaurant Quality Firewood

F&F Firewood, LLC provides restaurants with firewood for their wood fired ovens, grills and smokers. Restaurants use our firewood to cook pizza, bar-b-que meats such as ribs, pork and beef and more. F&F Firewood, LLC delivers firewood to restaurants in southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois and Chicagoland area.

F&F Firewood supplies restaurants with the following types of firewood:


  • Premium Hardwood Mix (Oak, Cherry, Hickory and Walnut)
  • 100% Oak
  • 100% Cherry
  • 100% Hickory
  • or create your own unique mix just for your restaurant needs.

F&F Firewood, LLC sells firewood by the face cord. Orders are pre-stacked, by hand, in straight stacks, not cross stacks. Face Cords of firewood are 4 feet tall by 8 ft long. We log our firewood in Wisconsin, cut, split and deliver it to you. We also offer kiln dried firewood which provides the dries product possible for your restaurant.


  • A Face Cord (f/c) of firewood is 4ft high by 8ft long.
  • A Full Cord of firewood is 4ft high by 4ft wide by 8ft long.
  • 3 Face Cords = a Full Cord of Firewood.

Certified by the Wisconsin Department
of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
Agriculture Resource
Management Division
Plant Industry Bureau

For pricing and more information about restaurant firewood delivery, please contact us at:

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